Panoramic view from the terrace of the penthouse duplex.
View from the terrace of the lower condo.
View from the living room through terrace, 1st floor condo.

PARKSCAPE Condos Available for Sale

Our latest property development in the skirts of the Vračar Hill, at the center of the old Belgrade suburb of Čubura, in Tzar Nikolai II's street, overlooking the famous Park of Čubura is completed. If you are looking for a spacious condo in a modern smart building at the best possible location, we have to offer five luxury condos and a beautiful penthouse, each available for sale with a parking space in the-state-of-the-art automated garage. We also have street facing commercial space with own backyard. As convenient as it is beautiful, our smart building named "PARKSCAPE", located right in between St. Sava's Temple and Kalenić open marketplace, will be noticed by many passers-by and park visitors. If you are having or planning kids, vicinity of the Čubura park is surely a bonus, and you can also take your four-legged friends for a walk in the park.


3D Visualisations for Your Inspiration

We have prepared photo-realistic 3D renderings of the interior design of our best offering - The Penthouse, located at top two floors of the "PARKSCAPE" building. If you could imagine yourself living in such a beautifull space, then have a look at this special gallery, created as an inspiration, to tickle your senses and show you our selection of many possibilities available to choose from, when you decide to make this marvelous property yours.